King size beds

King size beds is classic and stylish. Cozy beds designed for comfortable rest and healthy sleep will not be able to pass to the lovers of comfort and tranquility. Beds will give any bedroom the most cozy corner for maximum relaxation. Extra comfort will provide an orthopedic mattress with ergonomic features as well as an easy-to-use lifting mechanism. A strong and healthy sleep on our bed guarantees you total relaxation and gives you energy all day long.

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King Size Beds, storage bed.

King-size ottoman & storage beds. Designed for every style. Designed for every style. Orthopaedic base, good-quality hoisting mechanism and soft upholstery- these are the qualities of wonderful and comfy beds. Having an orthopaedic base, models will fit any contemporary bedroom surprising with its design and comfort. The bedding in the storage space is divided into several sections, which is why it is very useful as it arranges and ensures that bed linen and any household goods are well managed. Beds is a practicals, multi-functional piece of the interior which will fit into your bedroom beautifully.

King Size Beds - Beds comes with mattress

Beds comes with mattress. Mattress is orthopaedic and has independent ANTINOISE spring box which is supported by the quality PU layers. Such spring-box ensures an equal weight-support/resistance in every point of the mattress surface. Mattress cover is made out of a washable, antiallergic fabric, double-sided and comes on a zip.Mattress and its cover are antistatic and sanitarily/hygienically approved. It is great to have two different mattress sides. Our mattress will be loved by those who like or need to change the stiffness of one’s sleeping space according to one’s anatomical, physical needs or even climate conditions.