mоd.1Santa convertible sofa-bed (independent spring-box)


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Sofa Bed Santa mod. 1-1
Sofa Bed Santa mod. 1
Sofa Bed Santa mod. 1-2
Sofa Bed Santa mod. 1-3
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Some original colors can appear different from depending on their surrounding colors and shapes.

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Santa convertible sofa-bed surprises with its functional use as well as visual stylistics, which takes you back to warm, bright Italy. This sofa will complement the existing soft area of your house while surprising you with its wide, comfortable seating. Looking rather minimal in its visual geometry, this fact does not take its cosiness away from it. This product comes with a whole array of various cushions (seat cushion, sleeping cushions, back cushions etc.) which can be used according to the necessities of your creative abilities or your anatomical needs. Having no legs, its footing functions are achieved by the sturdy base, which is, together with the rest of the sofa, covered under the soft upholstery. Santa convertible sofa-bed is equipped with 558 independent, Antinoise springs. Every single one is covered with a special material which attunes to the anatomic needs of your body while providing you with a perfect orthopaedic experience, which will make your sleep longer and healthier in general. Being compressed the springs make sure that the needed level of bed’s elasticity is quickly achieved to make it easier on a spine to relax naturally, in the position which is also anatomically-correct. The spring box is then layered with a high-density material to secure the spring box from the early wear. Later it is covered with a high-elasticity PU foam, which makes Santa bed so soft and cosy. One more benefit of this product is ensured by the “Eurobook” folding mechanism which easily converts a sofa into the full-size, comfortable sleeping space 150×192 cm long. Santa convertible sofa-bed is famous for its unique “Healthy-sleep” making technique, which ensures a good sleep for everybody as well as reaches the maximum of comfort when relaxing in a seated or lying position (bearing in mind how spacious both of them are). The unit can be ordered in different colour combinations.


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