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Sofa Bed Romani Silver
Sofa Bed Romani Silver 1
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Romani Silver sofa-bed deserves to be considered in your apartment! Its stylish contemporary design makes it trendy and valuable part of the interior. It can easily fit into your living room or a bedroom. Romani Silver model is, indeed, extraordinary. Ornamental stitching and cushion tightening together with comfortable seat make this unit valuable and unique. The base of the unit has an S-type spring box with a protective layer on its top to prevent any creaking or deformation. “Eurobook” transformation mechanism will make your sofa into a full-size, comfortable bed in few seconds, while you won’t have to worry about where to put your throws and other bed-linen, as this unit also benefits from the ample storage space. The size of a sleeping area is equal to the size of the sofa which saves up space in your apartment and helps using it rationally. A significant variety of upholstery will help you to choose the best colour and texture, which will fit right with your existing interior.


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