Grand sofa-bed (independent spring-box)

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Sofa Bed Grandas
Sofa Bed Grandas 01
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This model proudly distinguishes oneself from others with its stylish design and comfortable construction. It will be loved by those, who value true comfort. Soft seat together with ample cushions of this sofa-bed will make sure you get it! You can easily relax on this sofa without unfolding it into the bigger sleeping area. When folded Grand sofa-bed’s armrests go along with its back, continuing a visual line smoothly forming a coherent, geometrical whole. This makes this unit irreplaceable and really special. Its aesthetic behaviour makes it stand out in any apartment and any interior. Its practical comfort is ensured by the independent Antinoise spring box. Such spring construction is produced with the help of the newest, automated spring-making technologies, provided by leading global producers in this field. The springs of this kind are taller in height (230mm), individually pocketed in specialised covers 180mm tall. Compressed springs ensure the right elasticity. Such spring-box supports every part of the body while your spine is resting in an anatomically-right position. The spring-box is then covered with a high-elasticity polyurethane, where space in-between is secured by the high-quality “SnapBond Protect” layer, minimising the frictions in-between the layers and a spring-box itself. Two layers of high-elastic polyurethane 20 mm each make Grand sofa-bed truly comfortable. Such a combination will also make sure the best of your relaxation is achieved. “Step-by-step” converting mechanism will ensure hassle-free transformation from sofa to a full-size bed 160x200cm long. Designed for the everyday use this unit benefits from spacious bed-linen storage. It is important to note that the transformation mechanism is located outside the storage space, which is very useful, as bed-linen won’t interfere with it in any way. Grand sofa-bed will look great in any contemporary apartment. Its upholstery is Teflon-impregnated, which makes it extra durable and wear-proof. Safe for you health Teflon-impregnation will prolong unit’s lifespan and sofa-bed’s exploitation in general. Such technique repels the dirt, moist and all the possible fungi formations. You will never be able to tell whether a product is covered with it, as it is totally safe and smell-free as well as cannot be distinguished when touching. It is ideal when you want to have light-shaded furniture, but put off buying it just for the reasons listed above. Even when trouble happens, dirt can easily be removed, using a soft brush. Don’t worry, upholstery with Teflon impregnation will allow no damage to the surface!


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