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Sofa Bed Belini
Sofa Bed Belini 01
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Some original colors can appear different from depending on their surrounding colors and shapes.

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If you are looking for something that would refresh and dress up your room, Belini sofa-bed is right here for you! This unit attracts a lot of attention. This model has no armrests which make a sleeping space equal to the size of the sofa. It provides one with an opportunity to use space rationally.
Looking at its cushions, it could be said, that their function is decorative only, however, it is not quite accurate. They will surprise you with comfort and softness which is essential in deep relaxation. “Eurobook” transformation mechanism will easily convert Belini sofa into a fully equipped bed. Another advantage manifests as a spacious bed-linen drawer. Its sturdy framework ensures units long-lasting use.


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