Reloti convertible sofa-bed (independent spring-box)


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This product has an optimised stiffness level which is achieved by having quality, latex-like polyurethane materials together with the independent “Antinoise” spring-box located on the whole surface of the product. Being located independently from one another this product can provide you with an orthopaedic effect, as coils try to replicate and fit the natural contours of your body, which makes your rest truly relaxing. Another significant benefit of this product manifests in wide, carefully-crafted armrests, which allow putting your favourite cup of coffee right on it, without being afraid to spill it all over your room. “Reloti” convertible sofa-bed is also highly multifunctional. While you can use it as a seating relaxation point during the day, it will become a great sleeping space at night too! It is easily convertible from sofa to the full-size sleeping area and benefits from the spacious storage space too. We offer three classic colours for this product. Its unique “Healthy sleep” technology will make sure you sleep tight all night!


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