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Comfort Mattress has an independent spring box with Antinoise medium-stiff springs 180-190 mm high, while also being pocketed individually in 130mm tall covers and a non-woven “Spanbond” fabric from both sides. Such spring-box ensures an equal weight-support/resistance in every point of the mattress surface, and is also layered with two 20mm and 24mm high-elastic polyurethane surfaces. Unique PU foam cutting methodology creates a “massage effect” also known as orthopaedic. PU foam used in this product is registered with CertiPUR certificate, which suggests products safety and environmental friendliness. Being double-sided a mattress benefits from medium stiffness on both sides. Its height is 20 cm with the maximum everyday load of 120 kg. This product is made according to the standards and norms of safety declaration and comes in any size needed. Elaborated in RB laboratories this product was tested on spring’s durability characteristics. Our mattresses passed a test of rolling through 29 000 cycles in a specially designed drum with a 140kg work-load. We believe that this is proof of our product’s long-lasting performance and durability. You can also test for the first 100 days to see whether its stiffness is right for you. A mattress cover is a mixture of woven materials, non-woven “Snapbond” fabric and polyester. The cover makes mattress look special while also ensures its longer life-span. Woven Aloe Vera/Bamboo fabric is soft and smooth to the touch. The cover is wear-resistant and air-ventilating while also antiallergic and antistatic.


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