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160mm PU foam layer has a wave-like 40mm incut, making one of the mattress sides softer than the other. Our quality PU foam ensures an equal weight-support/resistance in every point of the mattress surface. It, of course, benefits from the orthopaedic function with 7 comfort zones. Our PU foam is Certi Pur certified. A double-sided mattress is 16cm tall and medium-stiff on both sides. Its average working load maximum is 100kg. You can choose from any size you want. The product is made according to all norms and standards of its declaration. You can test it for 100 days to see whether the provided stiffness brings the best of your comfortable relaxation. Classique Mattress cover is washable, made out of antiallergic materials. Its textile includes polyester 100gr/m2, non-woven “Snapbond” fabric stitched on a quilting machine, it has good Bamboo/Aloe Vera air ventilation. This product is antistatic and all the necessary documents to prove its perfect belonging to the sanitary and hygiene standards. Elaborated in RB laboratories this product was tested on spring’s durability characteristics. After the successful testing results, Classique Mattress has proved its high quality and long-lasting performance.


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