Harmony Ottoman bed


King size (cm) 160×200

Mattress: YES

Beds W*L (cm)


Width (cm)

Length (cm)


Some original colors can appear different from depending on their surrounding colors and shapes.

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This reliable bed has an orthopedic base, a powerful lift mechanism and a soft upholstery, so your relaxation will be especially comfortable. The Harmony Bed is a full-size, stylish double bed that includes a lovely, spacious sleeping area for two. Its orthopedic base is securely attached to a metal frame, which ensures a healthy deep sleep. The system of this device is made of high quality materials for long-term results. Harmony quilted silent lift mechanism allows you to quickly access storage space. The bedding in the storage space is divided into several sections, which is why it is very useful as it arranges and ensures that bed linen and any household goods are well managed. The Harmony Bed Design is designed for elegant, aristocratic characteristics. This clearly points to details in the production of this interior detail. Rounded, smooth, abrasion resistant upholstery, impressive decorative tension with a tall, soft-coated headband. The attached head restraint allows you to relax half-seated.

This lovely bed with a lift will provide a good rest.When wearing it, it also gives you a great sense of touch, not to mention how easy it is to take it. Unique material prevents the surface from crashing and no other damage even without interfering with the sun. Waterproof material is very elastic and very breathable, therefore it is a long-term, high-quality product. The Harmony Bed is a practical, multifunctional interior that fits perfectly in your bedroom.


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