Eliza pull-out bed


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A pull-out bed is always about saving up space in your apartment. Eliza pull-out bed has two sleeping areas available when pulled-out while taking up as little as one sleeping space only. The top sleeping space has 800x1980mm mattress on while the bottom part mattress is 800×1860. The mattress is orthopaedic and will be able to adjust to the specific needs of your body. This bed is easily pulled-out- even your child will be able to do it by himself! A pull-out reservoir comes on wheels and unfolds easily with one move. Made from the wood laminate this reservoir also benefits from the ventilation system, which is so needed especially when keeping your bed linen in it. The exterior of this bed has vinyl edging which makes it more resistant to any damage. It will be loved by you and your children too! This product is available in oak, milk, wenge, white, matt and sonoma.


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