Palermo corner sofa (independent spring-box)



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Corner Sofa Palermo
Corner Sofa Palermo1
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This corner sofa is a stylish example of multi-functional furniture, which can fit into both- small or large-sized apartment. 567 Antinoise springs are located independently of each other which ensures ideal orthopaedic attune to all specificities of your body- this is how the maximum of comfort is achieved. Simple in shapes and modest in its outlook Palermo corner sofa follows the modern tendencies of contemporary furniture production. In its base Palermo corner sofa displays a transforming mechanism called “Eurobook”, it ensures quality transformation into the comfortable 152cm wide, sleeping space. Apart from its undeniable cross-functioning, this model will surprise you with its spacious bed-linen storage. Made according to the unique standards of “Healthy-sleep” technology this corner sofa will be appreciated by people who love harmony and comfort!


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