mоd.1 Nicoletti Gold corner sofa (independent spring-box)


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Corner Sofa Nikoletti Gold
Corner Sofa Nikoletti Gold 02
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Corner sofa with an independent spring box is an essential part of contemporary, functional interior. It will attract you in the first moment of looking at it. One of the main advantages of this sofa is exhibited through the independent set of 647 Antinoise springs. They are fabric-wrapped individually to provide an excellent attune to the anatomical specificities of your body while also giving you the best of an orthopaedical comfort too! In between the spring-box, there is a non-woven fabric layer as well as high-elasticity poly-urethane foam. Nicoletti Gold corner sofa is famous for its unique “Healthy-sleep” making technique, which ensures a good sleep for everybody. Another benefit of this product is ensured by the “Eurobook” folding mechanism which converts a corner sofa into the full-size, comfortable sleeping space. Yet another advantage manifests in its spacious bed-linen storage drawers, they will be of great help when thinking about where to put all little trinkets, throws and bed-linen. Nicoletti Gold corner sofa comes with decoratively-tightened, elastic cushions which will ensure the best of your relaxation after a strenuous working day.


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