mоd.1 Armani Silver corner sofa


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Corner Sofa Armani
Corner Sofa Armani 1
Corner Sofa Armani 2
Corner Sofa Armani 3
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Armani Silver corner sofa instantly creates the needed comfort-zone of your house. This unit will fit into variously-sized apartments depending on the visual goals one wants to achieve. Armani Silver corner sofa is big, beautiful and truly reliable while corresponding to the latest tendencies of contemporary furniture production. This product consists of two, separate unit-parts, which are connected together with the help of carefully-crafted mechanisms. This corner sofa is perfect for seated or laying relaxation. Its spacious sleeping space ensures healthy sleep during the whole of the night. “Puma” mechanism of the unit provides its quality transformation when unfolding the sofa. Armani Silver corner sofa amazes with its softness and ample curves! It will definitely become the best point of interest and relaxation in your house.


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