Comfort folding table


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Some original colors can appear different from depending on their surrounding colors and shapes.

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A comfortable fold-away table is just what one needs in today’s busy times. It looks nice and simple when folded and can be used as a small magazine table. Its thought-through construction suggests its functional use. The mobility of this interior object manifests in an easily transformable magazine table, which quickly turns into the spacious dining space just by turning the half of the table top off. This transformable unit also benefits from the extra shelf which can be used from anything like tv remote, magazines, newspapers, etc. Comfort folding table will become a nice feature of your interior, especially when decorated with a vase full of flowers, ornamental table-lamp or a tea-set. This product is made out of quality materials and carefully applied PVC film on the edges of the unit. A folding table comes in different colours which are down to your personal preference.


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