Empire Ottoman bed


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Bedroom Bed Empire
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This reliable bed has an orthopaedic base, high headboard, powerful hoisting mechanism and soft upholstery which will make your relaxation exceptionally comfortable. Empire bed is a full size, stylish double bed which makes up a lovely, spacious sleeping space for two. Its orthopaedic base is securely attached to the metal frame which will provide a healthy, deep sleep. A framework of this unit is made out of high-quality materials which ensures long-lasting performance. Silent hoisting mechanism of Empire bed product allows quick access to the spacious storage space. Bedding storage space is divided into several sections, which makes it extremely useful as it declutters and arranges the bedding and any household goods in an excellent order. Empire bed’s design is executed to attend elegant, aristocratic characteristics. This manifests in careful attention to details while manufacturing this piece of interior. Rounded, smooth shapes, wear-proof upholstery, spectacular decorative tightening together with a high, soft-padded headboard. Cushioned back of a headboard allows relaxing in a semi-sitting position. This enjoyable bed with a hoisting mechanism will make sure a good rest is provided. You are also free to choose a colour and texture of this product. The bed is also offered in eco-leather upholstery, which, in a way indicates a matter of prestige as well as looks highly presentable. Being wear-proof it also evokes great tactile sensations, not to mention how easy it is to take of it. A unique material does not allow any surface-cracking or any other damage even from interfering with the sun. The water-repellent material is very elastic and high-breathable, which makes it a long-lasting, quality product. Indeed, eco-leather is one of the most practical upholstery materials and will definitely be enjoyed by aficionados of classical European stylistics. If wished, there are other upholstery choices available. All of them are notable for their wear-proof, washable qualities. They do not fade and look luxurious and sophisticated as well as provide the best of tactile sensations when interacting with them. Empire bed is a practical, multi-functional piece of the interior which will fit into your bedroom beautifully.


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