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“Active” mattress is very comfy. It is orthopaedic and has independent ANTINOISE spring box which is supported by the quality PU layers. Our ANTINOISE springs were made according to the best standards of coil-production industries. This spring box is able to support each and every part of your body correctly and according to the anatomic needs of your body. Our individually pocketed coils are medium-stiff, 135-140 mm high while their pockets are only 95-100 mm high. The coils are in a state of compression which allows some storage for its elasticity and stiffness. Every coil’s action is independent, which allows targeted body support. There is also a “Spanbond” layer in between the spring box and mattress stuffing which isolates one layer from the other to prevent their early wear-out. Mattress stuffing comes in great quality too! We have used highly elastic PU foam which is 22mm high and has medium stiffness on one side. While the other side has 24 mm PU foam, which is highly elastic too, however, it was cut according to the unique “wave-cut” technique which enhances spine-stretching and massage qualities. It is great to have two different mattress sides, as you can always choose which one is better for you keeping in mind your current body and mind requirements. Or quality PU foam has CertiPUR certificate which guarantees our products safety and its top ecologically-clean qualities too. We have also been testing our products in our specially-equipped RB laboratory. This product has passed all the quality exams which certify about its high coil-durability as well as its reliability to the norms of safety and security. Having passed a 29000 centrifuge test with a 140 kg load, this mattress guarantees continued exploitation from both of its sides. This mattress cover is worth looking at too. It has three layers including a jersey and polyester layers as well as a quality “Snapbond” nonwoven fabric which makes the whole cover look very voluminous while saving the actual mattress in a great condition. Mattress cover has a zip which helps it to stay the same size after the wash. It’s elasticity guarantees that it fits tight to the surface of the mattress. A three-layer jersey fabric “Aloe Vera/Bamboo” is made according to the best standards of textile production. It benefits from the air permeability qualities as well as antistatic qualities too. Having an RB certificate, it will look great in your bedroom.
Max load 120 kg; Mattress height-16 cm.


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